Deposit Policy

ArtSmiles Cosmetic Dentistry

The Deposit Policy of ArtSmiles consists of the following:
At ArtSmiles we pride ourselves to offer high-level dentistry procedures, which are delivered by a highly-qualified team assisted with the latest technology in the field.
While booking an appointment, professionals are going to be fully dedicated to your care, a time-slot is secured for it, materials and equipment might be allocated for it too.
Not all, but some appointments are required a deposit to be booked, which was carefully created to value our time as much as yours.
Check-up and clean: for new patients a deposit of $30 is required and it can be performed via debit and credit card in-office or over the phone. If you are a returning patient a deposit is not required.
Long appointments: a deposit of $50 per 30 minutes is required for appointments booked for over one hour both for new and returning patients.
Prosthetic issue: a deposit of $300 per dental unit is required previously to bookings for crown/cap, veneers, dentures, and oral appliances (aligners, splints, and mouth-guards).
These appointments can only be performed after we have received the prosthetic from a third-party dental laboratory, which incurs high costs, therefore the deposit requirement.
The deposits can be forfeit from your account in our practice based on the Cancellation Policy.