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Cancellation Policy

ArtSmiles General & Cosmetic Dentistry

The Cancellation Policy of ArtSmiles consists of the following:

ArtSmiles aims to provide patients with appointments to meet their treatment needs. It is requested for patients to make an agreed appointment time and date to assist the scheduling process, and notifying the practice where this appointment cannot be met.

Please help us phold the qualityu of care by following the policy:

The practice cancellation policy requires 24 business hours’ notice for cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation fee of $50.00 per 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, or a forfeit of your deposit.
For appointments longer than 30 minutes, a deposit to secure your appointment will be required.
This deposit will be allocated towards the cost of your treatment.
Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment,
please call us on 0755883677rsz faviconrsz favicon 1 or send us an

Fail to Attend (FTA): In the event that a patient is a no-show and did not call to cancel/reschedule the appointment without the required notice period, it is considered a FTA and charges will be applied.

Please read the Deposit Policy.

Unable to Attend (UTA): In the event that the patient calls within 48 to 24 hours to appointment time to cancel or reschedule it, this is marked as UTA, and charges are not applied. However, ArtSmiles holds the right to refuse to provide an appointment time to any patient who have constantly failed to attend various appointments (3 and above) in the past without reasonable notice, e.g. 48 hours, resulting in a gap in the clinician’s bookings and a financial negative impact.
In the event we are unable to accommodate a patient’s request for an appointment at a specific time/date, consultation with the treating dental practitioner will be sought.