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Get ready to show off your best smile yet! Book your dental appointment with ArtSmiles and let us take care of your oral health while giving you a reason to smile brighter.

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Please note that the availability of your preferred appointment time is not guaranteed. You will receive confirmation from our office to reserve your time. *Dental Emergency? Our front office staff ensure we have daily appointments available only for emergencies, so we can often see patients on short notice.

Dental Appointments

Exam and Clean

45 minutes

For patients who need a regular check-up and clean.

• Comprehensive examination
• Thorough clean
• Intra-Oral photographs
• Fluoride Application

Dental Emergency

60 minutes

Tooth pain, Abscesses, Sore and Swollen Gums, Structural damage to a tooth, Lost fillings or crowns, Jaw Pain, Emergency tooth extraction, Root canal, Wisdom Teeth, Broken denture, etc.


30 minutes

This is a Complimentary Chat in our Consult Room to discuss your needs and desires related to your smile. (Cosmetic Treatments, Dental Veneers, Dental Implant, Smile Makeover, Full Mouth Reconstruction, etc).


45 minutes

Repair minor fractures or decay in the teeth, as a form of restorative dental treatment.

Deep Clean

90 minutes

Fully clean between the gums and teeth, reaching all the way down to the roots. The procedure involves two parts – the first is gum or periodontal scaling and the second is root planning.

Root Canal

30-90 minutes

We will take a look at the tooth, your gums, and your bite. We also perform several simple tests to measure the level of inflammation and infection. Once we reach a diagnosis, we will provide you with an accurate treatment plan and options. If endodontic treatment is needed, we are usually able to get started the same day for you.

Book an Appointment

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