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Quality Dental

artsmiles quality Dental assurance program

ArtSmiles has developed a unique system of quality control, made to assure the highest standard of care for your dental treatment.

What is Quality Dental Assurance?

ArtSmiles Quality Dental Assurance is a program of quality control developed by ArtSmiles, which aims to provide safety to the operations, as well as a high standard of care for our patients. The Quality Dental Assurance program is composed of: Infection control processes; Quality standards for dental procedures and Patient-professional communication.


Infection control Processes

Processes are a series of steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. In infection control, that means our team is trained to execute the same steps, in the same order, every time. This standardisation provides a predictable outcome, which gives safety and quality for you, and for our team.


Quality standards for dental procedures

ArtSmiles developed quality standards for the most usual dental procedures, which gives predictability, and consequently, quality to our procedures. That means we created processes to follow during the execution of procedures, as well as criteria to evaluate the quality of the final result.


professional-patient communication

Being good technically is not enough for us. Communication plays a crucial role in the professional-patient relationship. Therefore, ArtSmiles created a system to improve the patient’s understanding of diverse technical procedures.
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Quality Dental Assurance

We, at ArtSmiles, value the trust you have placed in our service and treatments

It is with utmost gratitude that we are able to provide for you the quality that we are proud of.

As such, we are happy to extend the “ArtSmiles Quality Assurance” for certain procedures done at ArtSmiles.
Some Terms and Conditions may apply, as we appreciate that a patient’s involvement in Oral Health is just as important! It is with a mutual commitment that we earnestly continue to protect the investment you have made to your dental health!

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