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All on 4 Dental Implants are an extremely effective long-term solution for missing teeth and offer a solution to commonly experienced denture problems.

Experience the Revolutionary All-On-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 is a revolutionary and highly advanced new method that allows a full mouth of new teeth to rest with complete, proven stability on only four implants. State-of-the-art technologies such as CT Scanners are used to plot the location of just four implants in your jaw.

The All-on-4 technique is one of the most advanced and comprehensive procedures in implant dentistry. It is suitable for people who are missing or about to lose all their teeth.

At ArtSmiles Cosmetic Dentistry on the Gold Coast, we use cutting-edge technology and a world-class, on-demand laboratory that designs All-on-4 dental implants to detailed perfection from the highest-quality materials.

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What Is All-On-4?

All-on-4 dental implants is a revolutionary treatment that allows a whole set of new teeth (known as an arch) to be supported by just 4 implants. The All-on-4 implants are positioned at precise angles to provide optimum support for the arch and complete stabilisation for your dentures.

 They are used to replace the root portion of a missing tooth with a titanium implant. The implant is fixed into a pre-drilled socket in the jawbone and a new restoration is then attached to restore full function to the tooth.

This procedure is similar to traditional dental implants. Instead of using one implant for each missing tooth, an entire arch of teeth can be replaced with just four strategically placed implants.

Traditional dentures fit over the gums, while implant dentures are attached to small posts that fuse with the jawbone to create a strong foundation. They do not need to be removed at night and can restore the ability to eat, drink, and speak normally.

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Benefits of All-On-4

Once a patient has the new prosthesis fitted, they can chew straight away. All-on-4 dental implants are purposefully made as a permanent solution to tooth loss and gum disease. And, because titanium is so strong and resilient, patients can once more eat foods they never would have been able to with dentures made from weaker materials.

Using 3D imaging and industry-leading technology, we can get a highly detailed and accurate impression of your mouth, and where your dental implants should be placed.

The prosthesis resembles natural-looking teeth — so much so, you can’t tell the difference once it’s placed in the patient’s mouth.

Most patients opt for All-on-4 dental implants to restore their smiles, self-esteem, and confidence, so they enjoy a healthy smile, worry free!

Bone loss, dental shifting, and other issues can arise when teeth are missing for an extended length of time. Dental implants stimulate the bone beneath your gums, preventing bone loss

After the healing period is complete, they are just as strong as healthy teeth. Implant patients can eat the foods they enjoy without worrying about their implants slipping or coming out of place.

A All-on-4 dental implant procedure provides a great sense of security that teeth will not fall out when eating, laughing or sneezing

With All-on-4, you’ll enjoy less complicated long term maintenance. This also includes a simpler cleaning process, whereby a patient only needs to clean their implants as they would normal teeth.

The human jaw bone maintains its integrity through proper stimulation from the roots of the teeth. When a tooth is missing, that portion of the jaw bone atrophies and wastes away.

Implants can help preserve the integrity of your mouth and face by supporting gum and jawbone structure, stimulating the jaw bone, preventing it from deteriorating, and help avoid serious bone loss and oral health problems.

The appearance of your smile will be more natural and your new teeth will function just like natural teeth. This not only increases comfort, but it also boosts self-confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating. In fact, if dentures or partials are replaced with dental implant supported teeth, the overall boost in quality of life is even more significant thanks to expanded food options, the elimination of messy adhesives, and improved speech, comfort and appearance.

Compared to every other denture procedure, All-on-4 has the quickest recovery time. Within 3 days, patients will be fitted with their new teeth. From there, it’ll take a few weeks for potential swelling and bruising to go down. But the new set of teeth will be functional, and patients can enjoy a new lease on life — especially when it comes to culinary adventures.

Is All-on-4 Right For You?

Before deciding which type of tooth-replacement system is recommended for you, be sure to visit ArtSmiles for an initial free consultation. We will perform a full oral evaluation, take any needed X-rays and images, talk to you about your general health history and your oral health history, and answer any questions you have regarding the procedure.

Our Gold Coast Dentists will also perform a screening in order to determine whether or not all-on-4 dental implants are right for you. You will be considered good candidate for this tooth replacement option if you:

  • Are physically and mentally healthy
  • Have enough healthy jawbone in which to place the implants
  • Want to replace a full arch or entire mouthful of teeth
  • Want to replace your removable dentures with a permanent solution
  • Are non-smoker and do not use other tobacco products

After your initial consultation, our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will meet your needs and achieve your goals.

If you have one or multiple missing teeth it can lead to bone loss in the jawbone. Without stimulation from your teeth and their roots, your jawbone will deteriorate. As time progresses and the bone continues to deteriorate, the bone mass becomes insufficient for the placement of dental implants.

Bone grafting is the process of restoring the bone in the jaw that has been lost due periodontal disease. If the disease left untreated, the bacteria in the plaque buildup will spread beyond the gum line and cause the supporting bone to deteriorate, potentially causing teeth to fall out completely.

If you are missing teeth and are in need of dental implants, a key factor in the dental implant procedure is having enough bone in the jaw to support implants. Patients who lack the bone density needed to sustain single or multiple implants may be in need of a bone graft, composed of small fragments of your own bone, synthetic material, or donated material.

A sinus lift, also called sinus augmentation, is a procedure that makes it easier to place dental implants. Some patients need dental implants but have suffered bone loss, thus not having sufficient bone support necessary for implants. A sinus lift can help as it increases the amount of bone in the upper jaw by adding bone to the space between your molars and premolars. To make room for the bone, the sinus membrane has to be moved upward or “lifted,” which gives the surgery its name.

Ridge expansion is a procedure that can be performed when the jaw is not wide enough to support implants. In this procedure, the ridge bone is divided and the inner and outer segments of bone are wedged apart. This creates a space between the divided sections of bone that can be filled with bone graft.

As a patient, it is important to have three dimensional imaging if you are planning on having dental implants placed into your jaw bone. By studying a 3D image of your mouth, we can plan the best course of an implant procedure for you. Moreover, 3D imaging enables a predictable result and a less invasive procedure. There are critical structures in your jaw bone which can get damaged during your surgery. But with 3D imaging, we can see the details of your jaw bone and teeth prior to surgery and prepare the procedure and dental implants accordingly.

immediate load dental implants allow posts to be placed in the bone and the new teeth to be placed immediately.
Instead of having to make multiple appointments weeks apart, immediate load dental implants can be done in one visit.
Candidates for immediate load dental implants include those who are having full arch implants, single or multiple teeth in the front of the mouth, and those who have dense bone.

All-On-4 Procedure

Before treatment commences a complimentary consultation with your Gold Coast dentist will be held. The consultation is your opportunity to ask your dentist any questions and for them to find if you can have All-on-4 dental implants. Your dentist will then carry out a number of tests to determine if you need any teeth removed before the implants are placed. If you are a successful applicant for the treatment, your dentist will explain how the treatment works and arrange an appointment to fit the implants.

For most patient, in just a few hours, any existing teeth are removed, implants placed and fixed temporary teeth are placed all in the same visit. 

The procedure to fit the implants involves placing the implants at specific angles, with the back two implants positioned at a 45-degree angle and the front implants positioned at a 90-degree angle. The placement of the implants is designed to provide better support and anchorage and facilitate the healing process.

When the implants are positioned abutments will then be attached. Abutments are small devices that connect the implants to the new restorations. When the abutments are secure, the restorations will be attached and your dentist will examine the look of your new smile and the fit of the implants.

After your implants have been fitted, you will be told to attend regular appointments, so that your dentist can check the progress of the treatment. After a few months the implants will have healed and integrated into the bone fully and your permanent restorations can be fitted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About All-On-4 Implants

Contrary to the common misconception, most patients are candidates for all on 4. The ideal candidate is a patient who experiences good overall health and oral health. The ideal patient should have healthy gums with no signs of periodontal disease, adequate bone density to support the implants and good overall health. However patients who experience chronic illnesses, systemic complications, periodontal disease or bone loss may still be candidates for dental implants. 

Even if you experience any of the above health conditions, you may still be a candidate for dental implants, as each case is unique and it depends on the severity of the condition. Accurate and thorough diagnosis is crucial in understanding which solution is right for you, and creating the proper treatment based on your specific needs. Patients who suffer from periodontal disease or experience bone loss, there treatments that can be performed to remedy such complications and restore damaged gum and tissue in preparation for permanent dental implants. Additionally, for patients who lack the bone density needed to support permanent implants, there are several graftless solutions that employ innovative techniques to utilize existing bone density, allowing patients to opt for permanent dental implants that will restore their smiles for life!

The best way to find out if All on 4 Dental Implants are right for you is to come to our office in Gold Coast for a free consultation appointment. On your initial  consultation, we will thoroughly discuss your condition and health history, discuss your intended treatment plan, go over your payment options, and determine an estimate of your costs. 

Health is more of a deciding factor for All-on-4 treatment than age. If you are healthy enough to have teeth extracted, generally you will also be healthy enough for All-on-4 implants. We will undertake a thorough assessment of your mouth, jawbone and teeth to ensure you will receive the very best results.

No, it is not. We are dental implant experts. We pride ourselves on pain-free and gentle treatment. An effective local anaesthetic is used during the procedure so that you do not have any discomfort during the placement of the dental implants. We also use sedation method that is designed to help the patient relax and feel at ease. This sedation works quickly and completely relaxes the patient and eliminates any stress or anxieties.  Although this method does not induce sleep, the patient will feel relaxed and the dentist will be able to accomplish a higher level of dentistry in a shorter amount of time. The mild discomfort you might experience after dental implant surgery can be controlled with medications.

Most patients recover very quickly, and usually can return to work comfortably the next day.

No, you can care for your teeth implants as you care for your natural teeth, with routine brushing and flossing and regular trips to the dentist to check for any issues with fit or construction.

Yes! You are in good hands with our expert team at ArtSmiles, you can be confident in our capability to work with you to create the very best replacement teeth, in both shade and shape, so that you will not be able to distinguish between them and your natural teeth. 

The success of your All on 4 implants will depend greatly on how well you maintain them. They need to be professionally cleaned and examined once every six months. Also, brushing and flossing daily is absolutely necessary for long-term maintenance of your teeth, as well as maintaining overall systemic health. 

During the initial surgery, your dentist will place the implants into the bone/empty tooth sockets beneath the gums. This surgery is performed under anesthesia, so patients can rest comfortably until the procedure is over. After the surgery is over, your designated driver will be able to take you home to rest.

The next step takes place after the implant sites have healed. This second procedure involves attaching your permanent replacement teeth to your implants. Your dentist will customise to fit your smile. Once the new teeth are in place, the implant process is complete, and you can enjoy all the benefits of your new teeth.

The healing period after your initial surgery can vary, depending on the type of implants you receive. The implants must integrate with the bone in your jaw before they can undergo full chewing forces; therefore, a soft diet may be necessary for several weeks to a few months. There may be some discomfort and swelling in the days after the procedure, but most patients report that their pain is not severe.

You will receive a prescription for pain medication to control discomfort, but some patients find that they do not need it. You may also be given antibiotics to prevent post-surgical infection. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and our surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you have.

The cost of getting All on 4 can vary depending on the number of implants, scale of treatment required, whether a patient experiences bone loss as well as the type of material that you get. Our experts will recommend a treatment option best suited to you and give you an estimate of the price and payment options during your free consultation visit. 

We offer a number of dental financing options that enable you to pay over time. This way, you can start enjoying your All on 4 dental implants as soon as they are placed. We accept a wide range of payment methods and have plenty of flexible pay later financial options including Afterpay, Openpay, TLC, Humm and Access My Super. 

All-on-4 dental implants are unlike traditional implants because 4 implants are used to sustain a whole arch, when usually between 6 and 10 implants are needed to maintain an arch. All-on-4 dental implants are able to sustain an arch because of the angles the implants are positioned at, with the back implants positioned at a 45-degree angle rather than a 90-degree angle, which helps to lock the implants together. As only 4 implants are needed the procedure is quicker and less invasive.

All-on-4 implants have many benefits. As just 4 implants are required to sustain a whole arch the procedure is quicker and less invasive and fewer visits to the dentist are required. All-on-4 implants are also beneficial because new teeth are fitted during the same appointment as the implants, meaning that you can show off your new smile straight away. There is also rarely any need for bone grafting and All-on-4 implants create an attractive aesthetic, as well as restoring optimum function to the mouth.

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