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Dental Finance

At ArtSmiles, we offer high-quality services at affordable pricing, on-the-spot Health Fund rebates with HICAPS, payment plans from Afterpay, Humm, Cryptocurrency, Access My Super, and much more.

We believe everyone has the right to access a high standard of dental care, whatever their financial situation. Avoiding the dentist because you’re worried about the cost of dental care can make problems worse and put your oral health and general health at risk.

That’s why we offer flexible dental payment plans on the Gold Coast to help lighten the load and make treatment costs easier to manage. Whether you’re visiting us for a check-up and clean or a more expensive treatment, we’ll tell you about the different dentist payment plans we offer so you can find the best fit for your needs.

No insurance? No worry! 

For those who do not have Private Dental Insurance, we offer the ArtSmiles Club, our Membership Program that provides an affordable, hassle-free way for you to receive the dental care at very affordable fees. We want you to take care of your teeth in order to achieve a healthy and long-lasting smile, and we believe that the ArtSmiles Club can help facilitate a lifetime of consistent dental care.

Want Discount On Services and Easy access to high-quality dental care?

Join ArtSmiles Club and receive quality dental care at a price you can easily afford. Get access to routine preventive care and emergency exams at no extra cost and additional services at a reduced cost (Up to 30% off).

Dental Payment Plans

Dental Financing The Easy Way



Afterpay is a simple payment plan that breaks down your dental bill into 4 equal payments. These are paid fortnightly with no interest or fees.
If you choose Afterpay to help with your dental cost, you'll pay the first instalment on the day of your visit and the remaining 3 instalments will be paid by direct debit every fortnight over the next 6 weeks.
Afterpay is well suited to smaller dental payments that you can comfortably pay off within 6 weeks, such as general treatments or gap payments after making a claim.

- Up to $1000
- No interest, no fees or hidden costs
- Download the Afterpay app, use the barcode at the receptionist`s desk
- Before your visit, check your spend limit by selecting the barcode icon on your Afterpay App.

All you need is:
An Australian debit or credit card.
To be over 18 years of age.
To live in Australia.
Proof of identity as per Afterpay’s conditions

Smile right


Smile Right offers three Simple & Painless solutions to help make dental treatment more affordable:

- Low Rate Loan:
Amounts from $2001 to $50,000;
Loan terms up to 60 months;
Deposit required with first payment.

- No Deposit Loan:
Amounts from $2001 to $50,000;
Loan terms up to 60 months;
No deposit required

- Payment Plan:
Amounts from $100 to $10,000;
Loan terms from 4 weeks to 2 years;
No Interest, Est. Fees or Charges;
Deposit required with first payment

Be at least 18 years old.
Have regular permanent income.
Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid visa.
You must have an Australian drivers license, passport or Medicare card

Zip Pay


Zip is another flexible payment provider that has 2 payment plans for different needs:
- Zip Pay – borrow up to $1,000 for smaller treatments interest-free
- Zip Money – borrow $1,000–$30,000 with no interest for up to 9 months

Another advantage of Zip payments is that you don't have to pay anything on the day of your treatment. You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly as long as you meet the minimum repayment of $40 per month (or 3% of your balance for larger amounts).

All you need is:
A valid email address and mobile number
To be over 18 years of age.
Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
Have a good credit history

National Dental Plan (Humm)

NATIONAL DENTAL PLAN (powered by Humm)

With fast approval and no interest Humm is a popular choice! You can make additional payments or pay out your plan early with no payout fees.
NDP can cover ‘Little things’ such as fillings, scale and clean, extraction and teeth whitening for amounts up to $2,000 with payments spread over 2.5 or 5 months. ‘Big things’ can help with higher value treatments over longer payment terms.
You’ll enjoy fast approval and no interest ever with both Little things and Big things. You can make additional payments or pay your plan out early with no payout fees.

How to use Humm:
1. Book your next appointment with ArtSmiles.
2. Call the reception team and let them know that you would like to use Humm as a payment option.
3. The reception team will walk you through the set up process either over the phone or in person.
4. Once its all set up, you're done! You can complete your dental treatment.

Who can use Humm:
You must be 18 or over.
You must have an Australian debit or credit card.
You must be a permanent resident of Australia.
You must have an Australian drivers license, passport or Medicare card

Access My Super


Did you know that you can apply for the early release of your Superannuation to pay for your, or any of your family member’s, dental & orthodontic treatments?

Instead of waiting until you are 65 years old, you are able to access your funds immediately, regardless of you are in your 20s or your 40s. That’s why requesting an early release of superannuation for dental treatment can provide enormous financial relief, especially if you have limited private health cover.

Access My Super is a service provider that can assist you to gain early access to your super to cover dental & orthodontic treatment costs. If you need a dental procedure, however aren’t able to access funds to cover the cost, Access My Super can assess your eligibility and assist you to gain access to your super in a 100% guaranteed ‘no approval, no fee’ policy.

You can access your super early for a wide range of dental procedures, including:

  • Dental Implants and Dentures
  • General dental work including fillings and extractions
  • Dental Check-ups and Cleaning
  • Tooth Restoration
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Braces and Orthodontics
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Dental Crowns
  • Periodontal treatment

  • Patients are advised to contact Access My Supper directly or to enquire via the Access My Super website.



    TLC payment plan has the flexibility to pay off as quickly as you want, this payment plan covers any dental treatment.

    The interest rate is determined by the applicant's score, but these rates are very competitive and the interest charged is restricted to the term you wish to use.

    - Payment plans from $2,000 to $50,000 – covering all dental fees
    - There aren’t any upfront or hidden fees – the minimum amount you’ll need to pay per week, based on the amount that you require, will cover everything.
    - Flexible options – any additional repayments can be added back on to the payment plan at no extra charge
    - Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online

    All you need is:

    To be over 18 years of age.
    Be able to provide TLC with proof of income.
    Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident (however they do accept some visa options).
    Be able to provide a current Drivers Licence, Passport or Medicare Card.

    Speak to TLC direct for a quote based on your personal circumstances and for the full terms and conditions. A full credit and financial assessment would need to be completed prior to acceptance of any offer or product. For any specific questions regarding the payment plans, prompt them to call us directly at 1300 045 047.

    Health Funds Accepted

    We accept virtually any health funds for eligible patients.
    * ArtSmiles Dentist Gold Coast accepts all major health funds available in Australia, and you would only need to bring your health fund card to claim your treatment on the spot by swiping it in our Hicaps terminal. We also accept international insurances, which may or may not allow claims to be processed on our end. We are happy to help if necessary. To make medicare patients who are entitled to the benefits of the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and the Child Benefit Schedule (CBDS) life’s easier, we offer bulk bill. You should bring your Medicare card to every appointment and we will make sure to check your balance before proceeding with treatment. In the event that a gap must be payed, we will also advise before proceeding with treatment.

    No insurance? No Worries!

    The ArtSmiles Club is a great solution for those who do not have Private Dental Insurance. It allows uninsured individuals and families to gain access to routine preventive care and emergency exams at no extra cost and additional services at a reduced cost (Up to 30% off).

    Dental Finance Australia

    Our theory is that not a single person should be left behind. That’s why we offer several payment plans and Health Funds to make sure we take care of you and your family.

    Do you want to know more about our payment plans or treatment costs at ArtSmiles? Get in touch today and we’ll give you all the answers you need and book an appointment for you at a time that’s convenient.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Each payment plan provider has its own approval process and criteria to assess your eligibility. They may look at your credit score, income, and any history of tax debt. However, some major providers do not take credit checks at all.

    Virtually all major plans require you to be 18 years or older and have a valid debit or credit card, email address and mobile phone number. You may also need to prove that you have a certain income.

    When entering a payment agreement, you should also be confident that you can keep up with your repayment schedule as agreed, or you risk penalties for missed payments.

    Payment plans can be used for a wide range of treatments, encompassing almost any work involving your teeth and gums or broader oral health. You can use a payment plan for general dentistry, including major treatments like full-mouth rehabilitation and dental implants. Plans can also cover cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening, crowns, and veneers, amongst many other procedures. You can also use a plan for aligners or emergency dentistry. 

    Like any loan, a payment plan is a commitment. 

    The conditions of a payment plan are flexible, and often vary depending on the amount and duration of the loan. The timespan for a payment plan is commonly 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months. A deposit may or may not be necessary, and while monthly repayments are common, weekly and fortnightly options may also be available. If your application for a plan is approved, you will need to finalise its terms to suit your personal circumstances.

    Payment plans are separate from health insurance, so it’s up to you and your level of cover whether you want to claim all or part of your treatment on your health fund and use a payment plan for the rest.

    All Australian (and NZ residents) citizens and residents may be eligible.

    Yes, you can help any dependants including immediate or non-immediate family member.

    At ArtSmiles, we believe it’s important to have access to the dental treatment you need, which is why we have several flexible payment plan options that can help you pay for your treatment.

    Please feel free to book yourself in for a consultation with our lovely team to discuss your situation further and find out how we can accommodate your needs!

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