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Mouthguards: Why And When To Use One

Mouthguards can be your best ally sometimes. They are also known as mouth protectors and help to cushion the effects of a punch in the face by covering the upper teeth. They can also reduce the risk of tooth breakage, injury to lips, jaws, tongue, and cheek line.

What would happen if your front teeth get damaged or lost? How would you look like when you smile, talk, and eat? It could affect all your daily activities. If you play sports or other physical activities, learn to prevent injuries to your teeth and face.

Dr. Thomas Long, a member of the team of dentists for the Carolina Hurricanes professional hockey team, says that upper teeth are more susceptible to blows than lower ones as they are a bit backward.

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When Should You Wear a Mouthguard?


It is an essential athletic accessory to protect the athlete’s mouth. It should be part of standard athletic gear from a younger age.

While playing high impact sports, collisions are inevitable. In boxing or martial arts, for example, you have to fight and will most likely get hit on the face. These blows can cause severe dental and facial injuries. You can also damage your teeth in non-contact sports, such as skating and gymnastic.


Types of Mouthguards


There are three types available:

  1. Custom mouthguards

  2. Stock mouthguards

  3. Boil-and-bite mouthguards



Dentists design the mouthguards for that person only. These are more expensive when compared to other types. That’s because it’s customised for a single individual and can fit that person only.



These are the least costly among the three types of mouthguards. They also have some negative aspects. Stock mouthguards do not fit well as they come as ready to wear mouth protectors. Also, they are heavy. That makes them difficult to carry, and they often make breathing hard.



These are a little less expensive than custom-designed ones. They are available in most sports shops or drugstores. These mouthguards have to be soaked in water and then taken into the mouth. The device will attain the shape of the mouth and can fit your mouth size conveniently. Read the manufacturers’ instructions and follow them carefully. CustMbite MVP and CustMbite Pro have earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance.


Protecting Your Braces

Mouthguards are essential for people who have braces, crowns, or other dental appliances. These devices could be ruined by a blow to the face or mouth. It protects your teeth, gums and cheeks from severe injuries.

Consult your dentist at ArtSmiles for guidance about the best mouthguard option for you. Most mouthguards are for upper teeth, but they are also available for lower teeth. If you have braces or other orthodontic appliances for lower teeth, talk to our dentists. If your braces or orthodontic appliances are removable, don’t wear them during sports.


Care and Replacement

Like other dental products, mouthguards also need care and some measures. Consult with our dentists about the right time for replacing yours. If it gets damaged or it’s not fitting to your mouth, replace it. Children and teenagers may need to replace their mouthguards more frequently. They experience more rapid growth as compared to adults. Besides, the size of their mouth changes with growth.


Here are some tips for keeping your Mouthguard clean:

  1. Keep it clean and dry between the games.

  2. Wash it using a toothbrush and toothpaste, before and after using it.

  3. Rinse it with cold and soapy water.

  4. Take it with you whenever you visit the dentist for better evaluation.

  5. Keep it in a container with vents to keep it dry and bacteria-free

  6. Never wash it with hot water and don’t leave it in the sun.

  7. Double-check your mouthguard for any wear or damage for timely replacement.

  8. Keep it out of the reach of your pets.

mouth guard holded by a dentist
Still in doubt, whether to use a Mouthguard? We hear you. ArtSmiles is conveniently located in Southport and our dentist is ready to serve you. Click here to book your appointment today.

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