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How to Treat Tooth Decay

To prevent tooth decay, the formation of further cavities, and keep your teeth healthy, follow the recommendations below.

unhealthy products high in sugar

Diet Analysis

The main reason for your tooth decay is eating or drinking sugary food. If you are habitual of eating excessive sugary snacks, it can increase the risks of tooth decay. Taking too much coffee with a lot of sugar can also enhance the rate of tooth decay. Analyse hidden sugar in your snacks and food.

To prevent too much sugar in food, track your diet. Take notes of exactly what you eat for 2 working days and 2 weekends. If you like, share with your dentist your full list at your next appointment.

Change The Toothpaste

Regular toothpaste contains about 1.000 to 1.500 ppm fluoride. Patients that are prone to cavities are recommended to use a toothpaste that has 5.000 PPM of fluoride. Clinpro 5000 (3M) and Colgate Neutrafluor 5000 Plus are the most recommended fluoride toothpaste. Read the instructions before using them and also consult your dentist.

These kinds of toothpaste are a good alternative to your regular toothpaste if you have constant new decays. It can help maintain good oral hygiene.

Young children (under 10 years old) should not use these kinds of toothpaste as they might ingest them. Fluoride in these toothpastes has a toxic effect and it could cause several complications.

Use fluoride toothpaste till the risk for dental caries persists and then again start using your regular toothpaste. You may need to use these kinds of toothpaste for 6 months to a few years. Those having a dry mouth can use it as regular toothpaste. Consult your dentist about the use of this type of toothpaste and the correct time to return to your regular toothpaste.

Treatment Of Active Tooth Decay With Dentist

If you have a lot of dental caries, you should consult your dentist. Your dentist may give you a dental filling or some other treatment to stop further decay. Your dentist may change the filling with some other treatment after some time. Dental sealants may also help.

Improving Tooth brushing Technique

One of the best ways to avoid tooth decay is to use proper brushing techniques. Proper brushing technique can clean your teeth and keep you away from cavities.

Improving Flossing Technique

Regular flossing with a correct technique also helps to prevent cavities.


Visit Your Dentist After Short Interval:

Low-risk Patients

Those who don’t have many cavities and have a little plaque are at low-risk of tooth decay. One visit per year to the dentist will be enough for them.

Moderate-risk Patients

The patients who have many fillings, but their teeth have not shown any new tooth decay has moderate-risk. They should visit their dentist in 6 months.

High-risk Patients

Those who have experienced new tooth decays in a short time and are more susceptible to develop new cavities, need to visit their dentist more often. These patients should visit the dentist every 3 to 4 months.

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If you adopt these recommendations and take good care of your teeth, your oral health will improve a lot. We have a beautiful new facility in the Gold Coast Area, ready to serve you. Click here to book your appointment today.

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