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How to Treat Sensitive Teeth?

Do you have sensitive teeth? Have you ever experienced a painful sensation in your teeth while 

eating ice cream or taking a hot cup of coffee? Do you often flinch while brushing or flossing?

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Reason For Sensitive Teeth

Normally healthy teeth have a carcass called Enamel that protects the crown. The Cementum protects the Root of the tooth. Both the enamel and the cementum are hard coverings. On the underside of the enamel and cementum lies the Dentine. Dentine has nerves, blood vessels, connective tissues, and microscopic tubules.

When the enamel or cementum gets damaged from an area, the dentine becomes exposed to the environment of our oral cavity. The microscopic tubules of dentine allow hot, cold, acidic foods, or sticky food to approach the nerves and internal cells of the tooth. A similar effect occurs with the gum recession. It will result in Dentine Hypersensitivity or sensitive teeth.

Causes Of Sensitive Teeth

There are many causes of the sensitivity of teeth. Some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth are:

  1. Dental Caries (Cavities)

  2. Damaged filling

  3. Gum diseases

  4. Broken tooth enamel

  5. Damaged tooth

  6. Tooth root exposed to the oral environment

Treatment Of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are curable. There are several treatments for tooth sensitivity. The type of treatment depends on the cause of the sensitivity of teeth.

Using Desensitising Toothpaste

Desensitising toothpaste contains certain chemical compounds, including potassium salts. Potassium clogs the tubules. That decreases the flow of irritants to the nerves. Brushing your teeth with desensitising toothpaste also reduces the innervation of nerves, and so, desensitising the teeth.

Using Fluoride Gel

Often used for treating sensitive teeth. Fluoride Gels help in strengthening the enamel by replenishing minerals that are lost. Fluorides also help in the desensitisation of dentine, reducing the sensitivity of teeth.

Crown, Inlays, Or Bonding

Used to cover an excessively damaged tooth. If a large part of the enamel is lost due to tooth decay, the dentists have to cover the tooth by crown, inlay, or bonding.

Gum Graft

A gum graft is a surgical process. By removing tissue from the roof of the mouth is possible to use them for building the receded gum. This treatment secures the root of the tooth and reduces sensitivity.

Root Canal

Recommended for patients with severe sensitivity and the other treatments are not working. In this treatment, the infected pulp of the teeth is cleaned and disinfected. Then the tooth is filled with a filling and sealed.s

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It’s better to prevent sensitive teeth if you don’t want to have a painful experience. For that good oral hygiene is the key.

Comment below if you have any queries about your oral health or tooth pain. Our dentist in Southport is ready to assist you.

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