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Cost Of Dental Implants In 2022

Cost of Implants in Australia Do you know how much a dental implant costs? The search for dental implants has been growing a lot in recent years, in some cases for health, but in others for aesthetics. The placement of a dental implant can bring back your smile and masticatory functions. However, the cost of dental implants can be steep, and many people do not think they can afford them, which means not getting what they need to live comfortably and maintain the health of their teeth. To establish the final price of an implant treatment, the material components of the prosthesis itself are considered, and other important factors like the surgery for implant placement, the professional’s experience, among others. In this article we will discuss some of the costs associated with dental implants and the financing options available so you can make an informed decision about whether or not this option is right for you. Also learn what to consider when choosing a clinic to perform this procedure.

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What is dental implant?

Dental implant is a procedure normally used in patients who have lost a tooth, as is the case with dental prosthesis. However, it is also performed in patients who need a complete oral recovery, as in the case of people who wear dentures. Thus, having the confidence of a healthy smile again. The implant is nothing more than a small titanium screw. Therefore, when placed, they serve to support dental prostheses. The structure made of titanium works like the root of the tooth that is surgically placed in the jaw bone below the gum. This allows the dentist to mount replacement teeth or bridges to that area. So it is important to remember that the entire surgery is done with complete safety. Compared to removable dentures, these restorations can last much longer and look more natural in your mouth. Unlike a conventional denture, you won’t need to remove them at night as they are permanently attached to your mouth. They have been around since the 1960s, but only recently have they become more affordable and more widely accepted by patients.

How is The dental implant Procedure?

The procedure needs to be performed by a professional, because it needs certain techniques that only a professional dentist knows, such as local anesthesia. It is because of this injection and the medications prescribed by the dentist that the dental implant does not hurt during the process. From there, the professional begins the extraction process, in which they must extract the teeth that are causing problems, so that it is possible to place the dental implant. The procedure time may vary according to each patient. For example, in traditional dental implants, the fitting and adaptation of the tooth can take an average of 6 months for the upper teeth and 4 months for the lower teeth. After the procedure, the professional may indicate analgesics and rest, for at least 24 hours, remembering that it is essential to avoid any type of effort and do physical activity in the first week.

When is Bone grafting necessary?

Dental implants can be done in patients who may or may not have good bone condition (the bones of the mouth). In cases where the patient does not have it, he/she needs to undergo a bone graft treatment. The graft is the filling with the patient’s own bone or artificial bone. There are several techniques for implantation. However, it is necessary to analyse the situation of each patient, and see what is best for each one.

What are the benefits of an implant?

There are certainly several advantages of having an implant, among them are the improvement of self-esteem, confidence, security to smile. In addition to health, with the recovery of lost teeth, food intake also improves, improving chewing and digestion process.

How much does a dental implant cost?

After all, do you know how much a dental implant costs? When we talk about the health area, especially the dental part, it is not so simple to table values, as it is done with other products. Implants can vary according to the material used for the implant and for the crown, the experience of the dentist, the technology used and even the laboratory that will manufacture that crown. In addition to each patient receiving a different diagnosis and having different needs. Normally, the price of the procedure varies between $3,000.00 to $7,000.00 for each implanted tooth. The good news is that there are financing options available to get dental implant surgery with little or no money down.

Types of dental implant

It is up to the professional to define what would be the best procedure, but for knowledge, it is valid to know that they understand different dental implant procedures and here we explain each one of them.

1. Single-Stage Dental Implant:

This implant is called a single-stage implant because it usually only requires one surgical procedure to install it. The procedure involves surgically placing a longer implant into your jaw so it’s on the jaw bone, with the top of the implant level with the gum tissue. Once the implant is in, the gum tissue stitches and closes, leaving the head of the implant visible. After a few months of healing, the dental implant abutment and temporary restoration can attach to the exposing head of the implant without needing any additional surgery. A single implant in Australia range from $3,000 to $6,500. The national survey in 2017 showed that the average price per fake tooth is about $5,563, which is how much you should anticipate paying the upfront cost as well.

2. Two-Stage Dental Implant:

This implant requires two surgical procedures for it to be set in place. The first procedure involves placing the implant into the jaw bone and stitching the gum tissue shut. Two to six months after healing, a second minor surgery is done to expose the implant and attach a dental implant abutment and temporary restoration.

3. Fixed Implant Bridges:

In cases where multiple teeth are missing, patients may be advised to get a Fixed Implant Bridge. This method avoids the hassle involved with partial dentures, as it doesn’t require metallic clasps during the process. Fixed bridges result in better aesthetics and has no affect to adjacent teeth. Other benefits of bridges is the restoration of your mouth functionality, and preventing remaining teeth from moving out of position. The cost of an implant-supported bridge is around $6,700 – $20,500, with two implants spanning three or four teeth. The cost varies depending on the number and location of implants needed to support the dental bridges.

4. Implant Overdentures:

Implant overdentures are a great alternative to traditional dentures. Overdentures are placed on top of implants which can add stability when compared to traditional dentures. The benefits of overdentures often include an easier time chewing foods, improved speech, minimized discomfort, no more denture adhesives and often existing dentures can be used. Prices for implant-retained dentures start at $4,900, and full or complete dentures typically fall within the range of $15,000 to $18,000

5. All-On-4 Dental Implants:

Patients who would otherwise require a full set of dentures can opt for All On 4, a non-removable denture fixed to 4 or more implants replacing the teeth in one jaw. This has become the most popular worldwide option for patients missing all their teeth. It can be made of titanium/acrylic or zirconium. Tooth breakage is common if the material choice is wrong or if the patient has a strong bite, clenches or grinds. It is a very good option when done properly with the correct combination of materials. The final result is highly aesthetic, functional and comfortable. The average price for an All-on-4 dental implant ranges between $23,000 to $27,000 per fixed arch of teeth. Full mouth reconstruction usually costs between $36,000 and $40,000.

Why Is Dental Implant So Expensive?

Many factors affect the implant price; each dentist is different. Location: The cost of dental procedures varies from city to city. For example, implants are more expensive in Sydney due to the overall costs of living and wages. Dentists in Sydney have to charge more for thedental implant process as opposed to those in Adelaide or Gold Coast. Generally, it is cheaper for people living in regional areas of Australia to access dental treatments compared to big cities. Type Of Implants: Prices and lifespans of dental implants vary depending on the quality of the brand. Top-tier brands can make investments in research that make their product more expensive but with higher quality outcomes. In contrast, other brands rely solely on market competition for pricing, leading to lower quality products. Experience Of The Dentist: Over time, dental implant dentists must constantly keep up with the latest techniques and trends in their field. They dedicate a lot of their time to developing new skills, attending training programs, and furthering their education – all for the sake of improving themselves. As they invest more into themselves, you’ll see an increase in fees. Complexity: The price of dental care varies depending on how complex the issue is. More complicated dental problems might take longer to treat, and they are typically more expensive than straight tooth implant placement. Thus, the cost may increase substantially if you need additional surgical procedures such as bone graft and sinus lift for a successful surgery.

Are Cheap Dental Implants Dangerous?

Yes, it’s dangerous. Many people, in the anxiety of doing something they want a lot and wanting to spend little, end up being seduced by low values. So here’s a valuable tip: research, talk to people who have already done the procedure. Take all your doubts with the dentist before starting the treatment, and make sure you are feeling safe to perform.

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of Dental Implants?

Dental treatments are generally not covered by insurance in Australia. However, you may still be able to get some assistance for dental implants depending on your medical coverage. You may find that most insurance companies will only pay for a fraction of the cost of the treatment. Some may also come with specific conditions. Your private health insurance provider will be able to tell you exactly how many implants you are allowed to have in a year or so. Australian insurance companies, such as HBF, HCF, BUPA, and Medibank usually cover dental implants under the category of ‘major dental’. Major dental is typically covered under the policies of higher extras cover which generally covers surgery and emergency treatment. Major dental typically includes complex and expensive procedures like braces, crowns, wisdom teeth removal, bridges, and root canals. You can also receive coverage for orthodontic and endodontic works. Families and elderly people generally opt for major dental cover.

Payment Types To Make Dental Implants More Affordable


Openpay is an interest-free payment plan service that lets you spread the cost of your treatment over 2-24 months, with no hiden fees. Up to $20,000 – No interest, no fees or hidden costs – 2 – 24 Months – Before your visit, download the Openpay app, create your account and confirm your identity.


Afterpay is a simple payment plan that breaks down your dental bill into 4 equal payments. These are paid fortnightly with no interest or fees. If you choose Afterpay to help with your dental cost, you’ll pay the first instalment on the day of your visit and the remaining 3 instalments will be paid by direct debit every fortnight over the next 6 weeks. Afterpay is well suited to smaller dental payments that you can comfortably pay off within 6 weeks, such as general treatments or gap payments after making a claim. – Up to $1000 – No interest, no fees or hidden costs – Download the Afterpay app, use the barcode at the receptionist`s desk – Before your visit, check your spend limit by selecting the barcode icon on your Afterpay App.


Smile Right offers three Simple & Painless solutions to help make dental treatment more affordable: – Low Rate Loan: ✓ Amounts from $2001 to $50,000; ✓ Loan terms up to 60 months; ✓Deposit required with first payment. – No Deposit Loan: ✓Amounts from $2001 to $50,000; ✓Loan terms up to 60 months; ✓ No deposit required – Payment Plan: ✓Amounts from $100 to $10,000; ✓ Loan terms from 4 weeks to 2 years; ✓ No Interest, Est. Fees or Charges; ✓ Deposit required with first payment


Zip is another flexible payment provider that has 2 payment plans for different needs: – Zip Pay – borrow up to $1,000 for smaller treatments interest-free – Zip Money – borrow $1,000–$30,000 with no interest for up to 9 months Another advantage of Zip payments is that you don’t have to pay anything on the day of your treatment. You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly as long as you meet the minimum repayment of $40 per month (or 3% of your balance for larger amounts).


With fast approval and no interest Humm is a popular choice! You can make additional payments or pay out your plan early with no payout fees. NDP can cover ‘Little things’ such as fillings, scale and clean, extraction and teeth whitening for amounts up to $2,000 with payments spread over 2.5 or 5 months. ‘Big things’ can help with higher value treatments over longer payment terms. You’ll enjoy fast approval and no interest ever with both Little things and Big things. You can make additional payments or pay your plan out early with no payout fees.


Did you know that you can apply for the early release of your Superannuation to pay for your, or any of your family member’s, dental & orthodontic treatments? Instead of waiting until you are 65 years old, you are able to access your funds immediately, regardless of you are in your 20s or your 40s. That’s why requesting an early release of superannuation for dental treatment can provide enormous financial relief, especially if you have limited private health cover. Access My Super is a service provider that can assist you to gain early access to your super to cover dental & orthodontic treatment costs. If you need a dental procedure, however aren’t able to access funds to cover the cost, Access My Super can assess your eligibility and assist you to gain access to your super in a 100% guaranteed ‘no approval, no fee’ policy.

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