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Wisdom Teeth Gold Coast

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Part of what we do in maintaining your oral health includes treating wisdom teeth Gold Coast. We provide extreme care to customers to help prevent dental issues such as bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease and more. Regularly visiting a dentist can help you avoid dealing with more complex dental issues such as impacted wisdom teeth. When impacted wisdom teeth are detected and removed early, it can help prevent further complications that cause pain, infections and discomfort. Artsmiles prides itself as an affordable dentist in Gold Coast and has been serving the community for years. So, when you start experiencing discomfort, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to have yourself checked.

Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Normally, adults have 32 teeth which include 4 wisdom teeth. They are the third set of molars that grow at the back of our mouth during our late teenage years or early 20s. However for some, they remain dormant and never grow. Others are lucky if these teeth will emerge perfectly fine while some patients may deal with some pain. Dentists will assess your case by looking at x-rays to identify if there are possible complications. Whether to extract or not, it’s all going to be determined by the dentist’s diagnosis.

Wisdom teeth are known to be ‘useless’. History shows that prehistoric humans’ diet consisted of root crops, raw meats, leaves, and other food that require stronger bite and teeth. That’s why having wisdom teeth then makes sense, given that dentists were non-existent to maintain their oral health. However, as humans evolved, our way of living has developed as well. We learned the concept of cooking and utilised refining techniques to survive. This means wisdom teeth have lost their purpose.

If you’re wondering how many wisdom teeth you can grow, you have to know your family tree. Genetics play a big part in how many wisdom teeth may emerge. Some people develop one, and others could go up to four. Some people may not develop anything at all. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. More often than not, they lie under your gums which require further diagnostic assessment from wisdom teeth Gold Coast dentists.

Why Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Our teeth play a vital role in our daily living. They serve as the mechanical instrument that helps us break down food by chewing, making it easier for our digestive system to process the food we eat. Aside from that, teeth give us the confidence to go through our day to day routine such as speaking and interacting with people. That being said, can you just imagine dealing with serious discomfort that could have been prevented if you had consulted a dentist? 

That’s why regularly visiting a wisdom teeth Gold Coast dentist is a must. By doing so, complex dental problems such as impacted wisdom teeth and other issues could be avoided. If you fail to do so, impacted wisdom teeth can force you to deal with unbearable pain, infections, damage to other teeth or overcrowding your existing set of teeth. If you’re fortunate, there are cases when wisdom teeth do not cause any problems and are painless in spite of their teeth being impacted. However, most cases often lead to impaction into other nearby teeth or inside the gum.

Once they have erupted, the gum affected attracts bacteria to build up that could lead to infections, trauma, cysts and gum disease which causes swelling, tenderness and pain. Nonetheless, such instances can be solved with preventive measures and early removal for wisdom teeth Gold Coast patients.

Our experience team provides treatment for wisdom teeth Gold Coast, so you can be saved from these gruesome instances:

  • Severe pain in the mouth that could go far through the ears and throat (or both)
  • Misdirection and overcrowding of existing healthy teeth
  • Gum diseases and bone tissue infection
  • Stiffness, soreness, and pain caused by infection
  • Damage to adjacent teeth and molars
  • Tooth decay of the actual wisdom teeth and the tooth next to it
  • Tumours and cysts that could develop in the bone and surrounding tissue of the infected teeth

What Is An Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Growing wisdom teeth are unpredictable. They erupt in several ways including in a sideways angle, partially sticking out through the gums, or could be trapped under the gum lines and bone. If that’s the case, you have what we call impacted wisdom teeth. These are third molars that don’t have enough space to protrude and develop normally. They can be classified into two: partially or fully impacted. Partial impaction refers to wisdom teeth that only emerge a fraction from the gum while other parts are invisible below the gum line. Full impaction refers to wisdom teeth that did not entirely erupt from the gum line. Apart from partial and full impaction, there are three other types of impacted teeth:

  • Vertical Impaction

As the name suggests, vertical impaction refers to wisdom teeth that emerged in a vertical position. Since, this is the proper position for developing teeth, extracting the teeth may be unnecessary. However, if there are cases when the tooth is pressing onto the tooth beside it or an excess pressure is existing in the tooth’s roots, an extraction may be required.

  • Angular Impaction

Angular impaction describes a wisdom tooth growing in an angled degree. The angle usually varies from 1 to 90 degrees and should be closely monitored. Teeth that are developing closer to 90 degrees will mostly likely require extraction. By doing this, damage to the other teeth, bone, and gums could be prevented.

  • Horizontal Impaction

Horizontal impaction refers to a tooth that is completely growing parallel to that gum line. Since it grows horizontally, it puts excess pressure on all teeth next to it, giving a painful sensation. This type of impaction is deemed to be the most painful of all and requires extraction as soon as possible.

Whichever type of impaction you have, consulting an affordable dentist Gold Coast is important. You have to be examined right away so that complications could be prevented from occurring. If immediate extraction is needed, we are one of the Gold Coast emergency dental clinics you can count on.

Signs You’re Experiencing Wisdom Teeth Issues

When your gums start to feel tender and you suddenly experience headaches quite often, chances are you’re growing wisdom teeth. However, those are just the subtle signs. Some experience excruciating pain that can only be stopped if the wisdom tooth is extracted. Below are the signs and symptoms that you are having problematic wisdom tooth:

  • The Pain Is Persistent

One of the most common signs that you need extraction is when you consistently feel pain and discomfort. This is because wisdom teeth misaligns the jaw and crams the surrounding teeth, causing excess pressure, hence the pain.

A fully impacted tooth may be painless and may go unnoticed for quite some time. But when they start protruding, the gums may feel tender and could cause pain. Although, you may feel this pain disappear for a while only to increase the level of pain the longer you wait for extraction. A partially impacted tooth invites bacteria, plaque and food debris that can lead to tooth decay, infections and gum disease called pericoronitis.

  • Difficulty In Eating, Tooth Decay and Swollen Gums

As the wisdom teeth push against other teeth, it misaligns your gum lines causing stiffness to the jaw and making it hard for a patient to speak, open their mouth, and chew. It can also cause redness and inflammation of the gums, causing an infection that leads to gum disease aforementioned, pericoronitis.

As previously mentioned erupted gums can catch food debris and enhances plaque build-up. As we all know, plaque leads to tooth decay. If untreated, it can cause additional damage, pain and discomfort to the patient

  • Cysts And Tumours

Ignoring wisdom teeth can lead to cysts and jaw tumours. Though harmless, it is an accumulated sac of fluid that can potentially infect nearby areas. This can result in damaging the roots of the surrounding teeth and worse – bone destruction, though rarely happens.

  • Sinus Issues

As a wisdom tooth develops, its roots can push against the sinuses that are located right above and behind the upper jaw, creating pressure that causes headaches, congestion and sinus pain.

Treatments For Wisdom Teeth Gold Coast

Before undergoing treatment for wisdom teeth Gold Coast clinic, you will meet our dentists to conduct a consultation. This includes assessing your oral health, the next steps we need to take and having x-rays. This way, we can determine your situation and provide answers to your questions.

On your scheduled wisdom teeth removal, our oral surgeon will provide anesthesia and painkilling medicines to ensure you are relaxed and free from discomfort. Depending on the state of your wisdom tooth, our surgeon will take about 30 to 60 minutes, either simple or surgical extraction.

Aftercare Of Wisdom Teeth Removal

After undergoing removal of wisdom teeth Gold Coast, our dentists will give you suggestions on how to care for your mouth including:

  • Hold a gargle of warm salty water in your mouth. Make sure to do this after 24 hours from surgery and after every meal.
  • Take pain killers if needed and if advised by our dentist
  • After the surgery, eat only soft and easy to chew meals
  • Don’t smoke for 48 hours
  • Avoid alcohol

How ArtSmiles Can Help You If You Are Suffering From Wisdom Teeth Issues

In most cases, wisdom tooth extraction is generally acknowledged as a safe and routinely procedure. However, the success of your experience solely depends on the hands of your surgeon. That’s why it’s crucial to verify the quality of your dentist’s expertise and training.

Our wisdom teeth Gold Coast dentists and surgeons only utilise top of the line technologies to ensure a smooth recovery for our patients. In addition to that, we try out best not to use invasive surgical techniques so we can minimise possible side effects and discomfort. We aim to improve oral health and appearance of all our patients. This is why we strive to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure and are confident with the results.

Artsmiles provide client centric-dental services. Be it an extraction of wisdom teeth Gold Coast, cleaning, teeth whitening or Gold Coast emergency dental services. So, don’t wait too long. Call us today and set an appointment with us.

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