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Why Choose Dental Implants Gold Coast

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Having a complete set of teeth has always had momentous benefits for an individual – functional and aesthetic. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are currently several restoration options available, such as dentures, bridges, and implants. However, implants stand out from the rest as being as closest to natural teeth and the most durable. Implants offer unrivalled benefits and are now widely available and relatively affordable. Keep on reading to discover the benefits of dental implants Gold Coast:

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Lifelong tooth replacements

Dental implants (the screw part, made from medical grade titanium) can last a lifetime if the person has good dental hygiene. A check-up every 6 months is recommended – the same as for patients with natural teeth.

Dental implants Gold Coast are the most predictable dental restoration methods; as it already has a track record of successful long-term outcomes, with better results than bridgework, dentures, and retreatment of failing root canal therapy.

The crown (the false tooth made from ceramic or other materials), on the other hand, generally lasts 10-15 years before having to be replaced. The crown, as well as the abutment (the part that holds the crown and is fastened to the implant) is more exposed to biting and chewing forces. Even so, there are many patients who are able to keep a functional crown for more than 15 years through good hygiene and cautious use.

  • A healthy option

Even if there are situations when dental bridges are recommended instead of implants (gum disease, multiple missing teeth in a row), dental implants Gold Coast represent a healthier option.

On the one hand, dental implants behave like natural teeth and prevent bone loss. Chewing on a crown fixed on a dental implant stimulates the bone and preserves it. Bridges, on the other hand, do not provide this benefit. The gum and bone under the bridge collapse in time, leaving the bridge suspended.

Secondly, the health of adjacent teeth is preserved when making an implant. With bridges, the health of teeth on either side is affected as they need to be grinded and shaped in order to provide support for the bridge (the enamel is removed and crowns are attached). With implants, no structure of nearby healthy teeth is removed.

Moreover, dental implants Gold Coast prevent gaps from causing the teeth on either side to migrate and misalign; with dental implants you can maintain an even smile.

  • No-slip security

Slippage is a common and embarrassing issue affecting patients with dentures.  As a result, they will become self-conscious about speaking, laughing, and eating in public as dentures can slip at any moment. Dental implants Gold Coast, quite the opposite, are firmly anchored in your jaw bone and they are just as well-fixed as your natural teeth.

After the healing period is complete, implants are just as strong as healthy teeth. Implant patients can eat the foods they enjoy without worrying about their implants slipping or coming out of place. A dental implant procedure provides a great sense of security that teeth will not fall out when eating, laughing or sneezing.

  • Easy and convenient to maintain

Unlike other restoration solutions, dental implants Gold Coast don’t require special clean up products, such as special flossers, adhesives, or cleansing tablets. Brushing and flossing are sufficient, just as if you had natural teeth. Many patients have replaced flossing with the use of an oral irrigator, which ensures excellent and even more convenient hygiene.

  • Dental implants Gold Coast re-establish the structure of your mouth and face

Missing teeth can affect the shape of your mouth and face as bones mass is gradually lost. Dental implants Gold Coast are performed at the same time or after bone graft – the extra bone is needed as a support for the implant, but it also revitalizes the shape of your face and makes your skin look firmer. Dental implants can have a major impact on the shape of the face even for younger patients, and the unsightly hollows left by missing teeth are eliminated.

  • Looking like natural teeth

Crowns on dental implants blend perfectly into your natural smile and no one will be able to tell you’ve had oral restoration work done. There will be no mismatches in colour and texture.

  • Improved confidence and self esteem

Teeth play a major role in one’s confidence and self-esteem. There is a pressure of having a perfect, white smile; even if you embrace the natural, slightly yellowish colour of your natural teeth, a missing tooth will always get noticed and make you feel self-conscious.

With dental implants from ArtSmiles dentist Gold Coast, you can get your smile and lifestyle back and enjoy overall well-being. Implants deliver aesthetic and functional improvements, such as better chewing and speaking abilities. After undergoing dental implant treatment, you will feel a lot better, both physically and mentally, as your smile will have its appearance dramatically improved. What’s best, dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth, so you will forget you have them – this way, you can enjoy life again with no worries.

  • Dietary benefits of Dental Implants Gold Coast

Dental implants ensure proper bite force because they are titanium posts anchored in your jaw and replacing teeth root. They enable you to bite with the same amount of force you would use with your natural teeth. Bridges and dentures do not provide the same force as they sit on top of your gums and are not anchored in place. When you have multiple missing teeth, you may find it hard to chew on your food, but with dental implants you can eat as if you had natural, healthy teeth.

Dental implants vs. dentures

Patients with multiple missing teeth can have trouble choosing between dental implants Gold Coast and dentures. The two restoration options come with their own pros and cons:

Dental implants

  • Are permanent teeth replacements
  • Cost more than dentures but they last longer
  • Easier maintenance compared to dentures
  • Very comfortable and no risk of falling out due to chewing or mouth movements
  • Patients feel like they have never lost a tooth
  • Suitable if you have healthy jawbone and gums


  • Recommended to those who are missing sets of teeth rather than isolated teeth
  • Are less expensive
  • Suitable for patients with unhealthy or weak jaws
  • Can slip out of place while eating or speaking unless secured with denture adhesive
  • Need to be cleaned regularly and replaced when showing signs of wear

Patients who miss a set of teeth or both are often recommended Implant Overdentures. These are a type of full overdenture that is attached to dental implants. Implant Overdentures have special attachments that are fixed onto the implants and provide a better hold compared to traditional dentures. These modern dentures hold tightly to your mouth but can be easily be removed for cleaning or at night. Moreover, they don’t rest on the gums so they are very firm and comfortable.

Implant Overdentures require the placement of several implants into the jaw, which are attached to the denture after healing. Unlike traditional dentures, they enable people to speak more easily and clearly, allows them to eat a wide range of foods (no hard or sticky foods, though), and they feel more natural because they don’t cover the roof of the mouth.

You should always talk to your local Gold Coast dentist when weighing your options. An expert will be able to assess your particular situation, explain you the differences, and help you make the right decision between dental implants, regular dentures, and Implant Overdentures.

Can anyone get dental implants?

As you have probably guessed from the information above, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. Your local Gold Coast dentist can assess your oral and general health and tell you whether you can get implants or not. However, before reaching the dentist’s office, here’s what you need to know about who can get a dental implant:

  • Adult with missing teeth – there is no upper age limit
  • In good health for oral surgery
  • Having healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant (if not, bone graft is recommended)
  • Preferably non-smoker as smoking increases the risk of dental implant failure
  • Having a high standard of oral hygiene

Some patients may not be good candidates for dental implants Gold Coast if they suffer from the following health conditions:

  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Blood clotting disorder
  • Cancer
  • Immune system problems
  • Drug abuse

People under the age of 18 need to wait before having implants until their jaw has stopped growing.

Your Gold Coast dentist will determine if you can get dental implants or not; by giving implants only to the right candidates, this procedure has a 95% success rate, being the most reliable way to replace missing teeth.

Would you like to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants? Contact Artsmiles and book an appointment with one of our dental implants Gold Coast specialists. Our team will provide the most advanced dentistry procedures to restore your smile’s appearance and functionality.

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