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What is the Best Toothbrushing Technique for me?

Do you know why brushing your teeth is so important? The proper Toothbrushing Technique can protect you from gum diseases. The best time for brushing your teeth is before going to sleep. Most dentists and doctors suggest teeth brushing 3 times a day. That means after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tooth brushing after meals is ideal for removing unwanted pieces of food. And also, to remove plaque that contains bacteria and weakens our teeth.

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Here Are 2 Of The Most Popular Toothbrushing Techniques To Protect Your Teeth:


Bass Or Sulcular Toothbrushing Technique

This is one of the most effective techniques. Take the brush and place the bristles parallel to the teeth at least 45º and move in a round shape for more than 20 times. Cover 3 teeth at one time. Clean all the outer surfaces and then clean the surface of the tongue side.


How Should You Clean The Tongue-Side Surface? 

Use the same method and place the toothbrush at upright position to clean the surface and tongue. This method can be a little time-consuming but it’s so necessary to remove the plaque. Also, when you clean your tongue while brushing, it keeps your breath fresh. Avoid fast brushing because it can damage your gingival margin.


Stillman Modified Toothbrushing Technique


This technique is very similar to the Bass Technique. Try both and see which one you like best. Use the same method but while cleaning the chewing surface use short back and forth stocks. Change your toothbrush every three months. Older brushes don’t clean the plaque and debris.

Use fluoride toothpaste whenever possible. It will help you strengthen your teeth as well as improve your overall health.

In this technique the bristles are pointed at an angle to the long axis of the tooth. The bristles are located partly on the tooth neck of the brush and partly on the adjacent gums. Bristles are activated in coronal direction by 20 short-back reciprocating movements. 

Systematically the adjacent teeth method occurs again also 20 blows are applied.

We have discussed two of the most popular toothbrushing techniques. 

Which one is yours to keep? Don’t forget to brush your teeth daily! 

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