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Look no further for an affordable dentist Gold Coast!

affordable dentist Gold Coast

People refrain from visiting a dentist because of two prominent reasons: they either feel frightened at the sight of all those drills and needles trying to enter their mouth. Or the overly charged prices of the dentist make them change their mind every time they feel a spark of pain in their gums.

But neglecting your oral health will, in the long run impact your overall well-being. The mouth is a gateway to all the systems branched out within our body. By ignoring your dental health, you are not only putting an end to smiling confidently, but are also compromising your physical health by welcoming infections and diseases to infiltrate your body. However, we are here to help! Look no further for an affordable dentist Gold Coast.

Healthy mouth leads to a healthy body

The food that we eat and the air that we breathe to pass through our mouth cavity before moving through our body. This makes our oral cavity the very first place to encounter germs, bacteria, and infections. By not properly managing the health and hygiene of our oral cavity we fail to protect our bodies from the various diseases that will eventually make us sick.

Common issues that you might face by ignoring your oral health includes:

  • Periodontal disease, a chronic bacterial infection that starts with the gums and then affects the bones supporting the teeth.
  • It is estimated that about 90% of medical illnesses have oral symptoms.
  • If you are suffering from gum disease, you have a 40% chance of suffering from a chronic illness.
  • 91% of heart patients have periodontitis. This is because mouth inflammation leads to inflammation in the blood vessels which is the major cause of heart attack.
  • Mouth inflammation may also lead to diabetes as it decreases the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels.

Benefits you receive by visiting a dentist

Along with regular flossing and brushing, consuming a nutritious diet, a monthly visit to the dentist will keep your gums healthy and your mouth free of infection. Moreover, a dental visit every six months ensures good oral hygiene, prevents tooth decay, allowing you to smile with confidence.

Paying a visit to your dentist can help you in the following ways:

  • Compromising your oral health gives rise to serious health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, and stomach problems. But maintaining oral hygiene you ward off the chances of getting serious diseases.
  • With regular dental care, you can prevent yellow teeth, bad breath, and tooth damage.
  • By visiting a dentist every once in a while, you can avoid painful costly dental treatments right from the start.

How to choose a perfect dentist clinic?

Are you trying to locate a dental clinic Southport, but have no idea where to start? Making an appointment with an inexperienced dentist may cause you to compromise your dental hygiene along with your physical health.

Friendly and comfortable:

Are the staff at the dental clinic welcoming, friendly and helpful? Do they try to accommodate you in every possible way? A dental clinic that makes its patients satisfied by offering conveniences and high-end services is what makes the dental care facility a preferable choice, and a perfect place to get treated. Getting treated while listening to your favourite songs surely sounds like a cool and relaxing idea!

Experience level:

To create a bond of trust and mutual understanding you need a dentist that has years of experience in this field and knows how to eradicate your fear of visiting a dentist with just a single visit!

While looking through the dental clinics in Gold Coast, make sure the dentists are fully experienced and know how to handle dental care without letting you suffer immense pain and discomfort. The clinic must have a highly trained staff that value the safety of their patients rather than just being inclined to earn money.

Offers finance options:

This should be your top concern while listing down the best dentist in the Southport region. Since about 22% of Australians who visit the dentist avoid the follow-up check-up because of the high cost, it is necessary to choose a dental clinic that helps you manage your treatment without burdening your pocket. Look for a dental clinic that offers financial aids through various payment plans supporting patients in getting the right level of dental care without restrain.

A wide range of services:

Whether you need dental whitening or wish to crown your broken tooth, a dental clinic should be able to provide a comprehensive range of services including both general and cosmetic dentistry.

Where can I find an affordable dentist on the Gold Coast?

Dental care is needed to give your teeth the standard care and protection they require. Taking the preventive measures of visiting a dentist gives you the peace of mind that your teeth are well taken care of. To make dental hygiene an affordable option for every individual, Artsmiles Dental Clinic Southport offers a flexible and ingenious solution. Apart from the high-quality dental services that we offer at Gold Coast, we offer payment plans that will help you feel relaxed every time you visit the dentist. Our multiple finance plans offer financial relief to patients looking for affordable dental treatment on the Gold Coast.

Convenient aspects of our finance plans

  • No hidden fees or charges.
  • Low to no interest rate.
  • The payment plans can be managed through online apps.
  • The online apps can be accessed with three simple steps.
  • The approval process only requires an Australian debit or credit card.
  • The payment plans are flexible and allow you to make small payments as per your preference.
  • Covers small to huge dental expenses ensuring you get the dental care without interruption.

Our finance plans that you can enjoy!

Cut down your chase and visit us at Artsmiles Dental Clinic Southport. Our affordable dentist Gold Coast finance plans can help you get the best level of care while also helping you manage the cost of the treatment.

Have a look at the various financial offers that you can utilize to make your oral treatment free from any ordeal.

1. OpenPay:

Do any dentist Southport clinics offer an interest-free payment plan? Well, we do! With our Open Pay finance option, you don’t have to worry about paying any interest or there is no need to pay the entire fee in one go. By creating an account on Open Pay you can easily spread the cost of your payment over 2-24 months. These options cover huge dental treatments costing up to $20,000.

2. After Pay:

Pay your small dental bill of up to $1000 in four instalments that need to be paid after every two weeks in the next 1.5 months. All you need is to download the app and make an initial payment on your first visit using the barcode. Enjoy this swift payment plan without worrying about hidden costs or high interest rates.

3. Zip payment:

Zip payment is a bit more flexible as compared to the previous plans. The category is further broken down into two options including Zip Pay and Zip Money. Where one plan supports you on small dental procedures ($1000) while the other one enables you to pay larger bills ($1000-$30,000) on a weekly, monthly, or fortnightly basis. The plan requires you to fill the basic criteria of being above 18 years old, a good credit score, an email address, and a contact number.

4. National dental plan:

The National dental plan is powered by Humm. Whether you need to fill your dental cavities, fix surging pain, dental cover or bridge to improve your smile, or teeth whitening, you can utilize the NDP plan. Stretch your dental bill to 5 months or more and continue your journey towards getting the perfect dental care without worrying about paying the entire bill at once.

5. Access My Super:

Access My Super is for those who intend to access their superannuation fund on an early basis. If you have no private means to cover your dental expenditure right now, contact Access My Super service provider, prove your eligibility and get your dental treatment covered in no time.

Artsmile club for uninsured visitors!

For patients who are concerned about their teeth and the dental health of their family but have no private insurance coverage to support them with the high dental fee, our Artsmile club welcomes you to get up to a 30% discount on various dental procedures. You get to enjoy two fluoride treatments every year along with emergency dental visits and X-rays, as a part of your club membership. Be an individual member or enrol your family under our Artsmile Club and receive a complimentary consultation with our dentist to discuss your oral health before starting the dental procedure.

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